Birthday Parties

It’s not easy to properly plan the birthday of your loved ones. There is a lot of excitement and affection surrounding this occasion. A birthday celebration requires a great deal of effort and ingenuity. That’s why we, Thenaruvi, bring you a mindblowing sophisticated place for your special days. We assure you the decoration should be spotless and the entrances, tables, and floors should all be lavishly adorned. The room’s color scheme or tent (where you intend to celebrate your birthday) should be carefully considered.


Anniversary Parties

Do you long for the tangy flavor of down-home barbecue sauces?  The waves have risen! Even if you live miles from the nearest ocean, holding your own tropical anniversary at Thenaruvi may transform your love day into a beautiful-memorable day. Surrounded by lush greens, delightful flowers, and home-grown vegetables will indulge and reignite love and romance if your anniversary occurs during the winter. For a long time, those who have been together can now commemorate their love by throwing a wonderful anniversary celebration at Thenaruvi.


School & College Camps

Teenagers love camping; whether it’s educational or exploring some hidden gems, camp activities are probably the most enjoyable way to enjoy their vacation. But selecting an ideal camp program location will be a difficult task. But not now, because at Thenaruvi you will get the chance to organize the best vacation camp, ask youngsters to bring their sports kit and leave the rest to us. And don’t forget to explain to your teenagers about different species of plants because Thenaruvi is the mystery of some hidden treasures.


Friends & Family Get-together

Do you think of escaping to a private spot this holiday season to avoid the stress of gift-giving, cooking, and entertaining? Perhaps, you want to sit with your Uncle and siblings for a long chit-chat session. We heard you, at Thenaruvi, enjoy lovely mornings and nice dinners with family and relatives. Here are dozens of things you can do, play games, enjoy the spa, and hold a barbecue, what you wish for.


Indoor Games

There are a variety of indoor games which kids can enjoy at Thenaruvi.
Chess-  Chess is one of the popular competitive and amazing indoor games. It’s one of the great mental games that our forefathers created. Chess is a game that makes us smarter. At Thenaruvi, enjoy this game with the paws the same height as you, yes a giant-size chessboard.
Ludo- Ludo is one game that everyone enjoys. This game brings back the kids inside us, enjoy playing giant size Ludo with beautiful greenery at Thenaruvi. 
Snake and ladder- Snake and ladder are one such game that is fun to play and an interactive way to counting numbers. This game never gets old. Spend the afternoon with your friends, chilling out at our porch and playing this giant-sized board game. Nostalgic moments of life!!
If you want to get the right environment to play your favorite pass time game, Thenaruvi should be your preference, such indoor games are encouraging, and kids can play and learn from them.


Outdoor Games

Do you also love to play outdoor, enjoy picturesque views while playing at Thenaurvi.
Badminton- Playing badminton with your family or friends is one way of keeping a tight bond between each other. Playing such outdoor games at the porch of Thenaruvi are the perfect way to capture good memories.
Kids play area-  Today’s youngsters demand a good place to play and grow, and when they are getting a beautiful greenery place at the heart of the city, it adds value to their choice. Thenaruvi should be your first choice when it comes to playing your favorite games, whether it is badminton, football, or cricket.

At Thenaruvi, you will get an excellent community feeling and atmosphere to enhance your social skills along with playing.


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