Natural Pools

Chlorine pools might be relaxing, but there’s nothing as refreshing as taking a dip in a natural water source like a lake or river on a scorching summer day. Experience the feeling of swimming in crystal clear natural water without any use of chemicals. Enjoy a refreshing dip in nature’s very own infinity pool, for those seeking a more secluded experience, a 10-minute climb will lead you several small swimming holes at the top of the falls. That’s where you’ll find the well-known, crystal-clear plunge pool, providing sweeping views of magnificent Western Ghats.

Herbs and Spices

India, especially Kerala, is known as the land of spices. Our heritage is incomplete without the vast tradition of cuisines and medicines cultured over our different kinds of indigenous spices and herbs. These plants or plant derived substances not only add flavor to the dishes but also that many of them have medicinal values too. […]

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